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Matrix Trident

Triple Nand Mod Voor Xbox 360

Matrix Trident

The TRIDENT will transform your Xbox360 16 MB NAND in 3 independent 16 MB banks that can be read and write with any available SPI reader/writer solution using software tools like Nandpro 2.0 and Nandpro 3.0.

The trident can work together with any Glitcher solution present in the market (for example Xecuter Coolrunner). A flat cable is supplied to directly connect it to the Matrix Glitcher II, for enhanced performances.

It features a quick solder board solution for the Trinity slim and an external switch with led indicators to quickly choose which one of the THREE banks of NAND to use.

With the Matrix Trident you can assign one bank to the Original NAND, the second bank to boot a modified dashboard and the third NAND bank to boot Xell or a second dashboard.

Whether you use it for fun or for hacking purposes, the Trident is going to be the tool of choice to add extra NAND capacity to your Xbox360.


- Allows for the use of 3 Independent banks of NAND on the Xbox 360.
- No need to cut any tracks on the Xbox360 motherboard.
- External switch to quickly change among the 3 NANDs
- Compatible with every glitching solution present in the market, including Matrix Glitcher II.
- Compatible with any xbox360 with 16 MB NAND.
- Easy to install thanks to quicksolder point design.
- Blocks can be read / write with any SPI hardware present in the market.
- Compatible with Nandpro 2.0 and 3.0 software.

Euro 29.95

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